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Welcome to the Catholic Spirituality Bloggers Network!. We are a group of bloggers with our own blogs that feature Catholic spirituality. We recently decided to come together to give readers one spot to find many posts that can help them improve their relationship with God. Most of the posts here are partial posts with a link to the original post on another blog. However, we will periodically post short posts in full, including some original content. We may also offer tips for Catholic bloggers sometime in the future.

Connie Rossini of Contemplative Homeschool administers this blog. She chooses which of our members' blog posts to feature, keeps the layout consistent, and owns the CSBN Store. She personally recommends all the books and media in our store. Only the best materials are offered.

Who can be a member?

Membership in CSBN is open to all Catholic bloggers who primarily write about orthodox Catholic spirituality. Members choose whether to be listed in the Members' Blogs list only (on our sidebar), or to submit links to their best posts for possible cross-posting here. Members also have the opportunity to join our Catholic Spirituality Blogs board on Pinterest. Our facebook page has feeds directly from the blogs of some of our best bloggers, as well as other content from around the web that we think you'll love.

If you would like to become a member of CSBN, please email Connie at crossini4774 at comcast dot net.

Those who occasionally blog on Catholic spirituality may submit links to individual spirituality posts on your blog for consideration here.

All submissions, as well as member blogs, must be Catholic, obedient to the Magesterium, and charitable. Any member who posts unorthodox or uncharitable material or comments on his or her blog will forfeit membership.

Members do not pay dues. Nor do they receive compensation for their posts. The original blogger retains all copyrights.

Please note: Individual members of CSBN are not responsible for the content of other members' blogs. We may not always agree on prudential matters. We hope we will always agree on essentials.

Come join us!


  1. Your site will meet a real need for bloggers to share about their spiritual experiences in prayer and living in a safe place. It's exciting

    melanie jean juneau at Joy of Nine9

  2. I'm so glad you're an orthodox Catholic group of bloggers. Your content, from what little I've read so far, is water for the thirsty, and food for the hungry. I commend the women and one man who contribute. Do you happen to know of an equally orthodox blogspot in which there are more men writers? Or do you plan to add more men writers? I hope you don't misunderstand me. I think what you have is top notch.

    1. I am constantly looking for more men to join us. We do have a deacon who is going to post here at least once in a while. I never intended this site to be all women writers. It has just worked out that way. If you know any good men blogging on Catholic spirituality, please send them our way. I'm glad you're edified by the site.

  3. It's an honor to be here Connie! Thanks.

  4. I'm curious, and you're contest for Catholic blog of the year that is being held right now, who wins and what do they win what will their prize be?

    1. Thanks for asking. Here is a post with the rules: http://catholicspiritualityblogs.blogspot.com/2013/11/submit-your-best-spirituality-post-for.html


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