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Monday, May 27, 2013

Each Morning

by Cynthia Scodova

                                                                      My heart is ready, O God –
                                                                      my heart is ready.
                                                                      I shall sing and make music.
                                                                      Awake, my glory!
                                                                     Rise up, harp and lyre!
                                                                     We will awaken the dawn.
                                                                                           Psalm 107

File:El Rio de Luz (The River of Light) Frederic Edwin Church.jpg
The River of Light bu Frderic Edwin Church (Photo Credit: Wikimedia

                                                                  What love
                                                                   Each morning

                                                                   Diffuses our darkness
                                                                   Brightens the yards of our sleep

                                                                   Making rose-gold fire
                                                                   Spill into the branches of trees

                                                                   The soft flesh of the hills

                                                                   The worn crusts of our hearts
                                                                    Into a glance of you

                                                                  Wherever I look
                                                                  Whomever I see

                                                                   Something of you Lord.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your remarkable gift of poetry with those of us who love how you paint, so vividly, with words.

  2. lovely, unique metaphors that shine new light on the truth


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