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Monday, August 25, 2014

Jesus was waiting for us

By Lora Goulet


 With tachycardic angst we found ourselves in a traffic jam. Meanwhile, a midsummer thunderstorm had left it's most beautiful remnant, a glorious rainbow. Then, a labyrinth of one way streets delivered us to the front steps of an old yet elegant Catholic Church. Three doors were locked. The Holy Spirit directed us to the fourth door, hidden behind a little porch's colorful flowers. There a kind Carmelite brother escorted us into the marvelous sanctuary of the Church...

where Jesus was waiting for us to visit Him.

Lora blogs at mommynovenas. 

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  1. Just saw this sanctuary photo on Pinterest (where else?) and thought, wow...looks a lot like St. Joseph's Church (run by the Carmelites...) in Troy, NY - traced it here and am now wondering if you might ID it. How comforting to see a familiar and heart-lifting place like this online!

    -NY Mom


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