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Sunday, May 12, 2013

The orchid resurrection

by Caroline

File:Flor de Orquídea - Orchid Flower.JPG
An orchid in Costa Rica (Photo Credit, Jose Manuel Lopez Pinto, Wikipedia).

There’s an orchid that sits on a green table on my porch. It was a Mother’s Day present from my son several years ago, which he has no memory of.

When he first gave it to me, the purple and white striped blooms had this delicate magical beauty, but unsure of my limited green thumb skills, I was concerned. Could I mother such a delicate plant? I put it on the porch and followed some basic orchid care instructions for dummies I found on the internet.

Next to the green table is the chair where I often sit to pray the evening office; where day after day, week after week, the orchid blossomed and thrived and gave me such joy. While praying there, I offered up the many concerns I had about my son; prayed when there were days I didn’t hear from him, prayed when I knew with that motherly instinct that something was wrong, but I didn’t know what.

Then one day, I could see the blooms dying off. One by one they dropped away, until all that was left of those purple veined beauties was a plant with thick green leaves.  The flowers were gone mirroring almost simultaneously a dark time in my relationship with my son.

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  2. I am so glad to see this post, which I'd read on the original blog, here where even more people can find it. I have been so moved by this. Blessings!

  3. Beautiful post, Caroline! Such a blessing to read this on Mother's Day. May the Lord grant us the time and grace to pray all of our children back to His Heart. I know I'm working on that everyday! Your post is such a beautiful reminder of how when we think all is lost, it really isn't. God makes all things new. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Nancy and Patricia, Knowing you ladies is such a joy. Thank you for always being there to give support and encouragement to my meager efforts.
    My son read it and e-mailed me saying how much it meant to him. That was my Mother's Day present from the Lord.
    Blessings always and +


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