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Monday, June 24, 2013

Receiving Communion well

by Ruth Ann Pilney

As a Catholic I believe what the Church teaches about the Holy Eucharist; that is, when consecrated by the priest at Mass, ordinary bread and wine are changed, through the use of the words that Christ spoke at the Last Supper and by the power of the Holy Spirit, into the body and blood, soul and divinity, of Jesus.  Catholics who understand this great and miraculous sacramental mystery revere and worship the Lord in his Real Presence.

When a Catholic participates at Mass, the Church encourages those who are well-disposed to receive Holy Communion. Only those who are Catholic, in the state of grace, and have observed the required fast may receive Communion.  It is also expected that the recipient will approach the sacrament prayerfully and show signs of respect in posture and dress.

The following video shows the right protocol for receiving Holy Communion.  If you are Catholic, I would encourage you to watch this short video, which is presented with both seriousness and humor.

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