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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Imagine touching Jesus!

by Elizabeth Tichvon

File:Paolo Veronese 006.jpg
The Healing of the Hemophiliac by Veronese (photo in public domain).

St. Mark describes crowds of people traveling long distances to experience the miracle of Jesus. Crowds so large and desperate, Jesus expected to be crushed by them! Imagine!

How quickly word would spread if Jesus were here with us today, curing the sick and healing the sick of heart. With our technology, word would spread so quickly, Jesus would be crushed during his first appearance! Even if you weren’t sick, imagine touching Jesus! We couldn’t build an auditorium big enough to hold such crowds!

Since, outside of the Eucharist, Jesus isn’t with us in the physical sense, the “crowds” of today are more like large gatherings. Even with the growing popularity of mega-churches and worship halls, there’s no threat of anyone being “crushed” or “pressed upon." The only crushing and pressing that comes to mind are among frantic shoppers on Christmas Eve or mobs of rock fans waiting to get good seats to a Stones concert. How sorry we might see ourselves as we enter eternal life, standing before the beautiful Light of the World crying, “You are the Son of God” and recalling the hours we spent seeking material pleasures while Jesus waited in the long line of our life to touch us!

Jesus fulfilled His mission on earth so that we, in the present, can touch Him through faith. He is reserving a front row seat in eternity for each of us! Follow the road to Him and He’ll make the journey short. No crowds, no long lines . . . no waiting!

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    1. Sorry again about the mistake, Elizabeth. I did get it changed above. I don't know why Blogger sometimes wants to do its own thing all of a sudden!

  2. No problem, Connie! Thank you!

  3. Wow..what a beautiful message to take home with me today..i am at work right now, and there couldn't have been a better way to start my day but to read this and reflect on what we are seeking today..what we are thriving for today...rather than, what we ought to seek.
    Thanks for this wonderful inspiring blog..Have a blessed weekend everyone.

  4. Thank you for your comment, Liane! A blessed weekend to you!


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