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Monday, July 15, 2013


by Cynthia Scodova

God is ever creative. 
His love renews all things and is the source of our hope. 
Let us turn to him in confidence:

                                                                            Universalis Prayer

File:Caspar David Friedrich 008.jpg
The Evening by Friedrich (photo in public domain).

                                                Evening on the porch

                                                after I fold
                                                the duties and labors
                                                of the day and step out
                                                from what is left undone
                                                and wanting
                                                into the sanctuary
                                                of restfulness,
                                                into a gently rocking 
                                                over time-
                                                rings of floorboards,

Read the rest of Cynthia's poem at  The Mad-Eyed Monk.


  1. Cynthia, I hope you don't mind that I divided your poem to link it to your blog. I want to make sure our readers visit your beautiful site. The images in this one are wonderful. I am right there with you, amidst the peace of Evening Prayer.

  2. Thanks Connie! I am most grateful...God Bless...

  3. absolutely beautiful; great quote as well


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