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Monday, September 23, 2013

Becoming like a little child

By Terry 

File:Ferdinand Laufberger Blinde-Kuh-Spiel 1865.jpg
Blind Man's Bluff by Laufberger (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons).

#8 has a science project on Matter and Energy.  This past week, she gathered information on her topic.  Since I wanted her to use other sources besides the internet, we walked to the library on Saturday afternoon.

On the walk home, she decided to see what it would be like to be blind.  She closed her eyes, linked her arm through mine and asked me to guide her on the almost 2 km. walk home.

The mind plays all kinds of tricks when we shut off the sense of sight.  #8 felt she was walking in circles and even found her balance a bit off, but she was determined to continue her experiment.  Over one section of sidewalk, two men were trimming some badly overgrown hedges.  There were branches, debris and hedge clippings strewn over a distance of about half a block.  I thought #8 would open her eyes at this point, but she didn’t.  She walked in front of me and with my hands on her shoulders and my voice guiding her steps, she made it past that stretch of sidewalk.  As we continued on and she became a little disoriented, she leaned closer into me and persevered.  When we finally arrived home, she tentatively climbed the first two steps to our front door but then ran up the remaining three steps, felt for the door handle and opened the door triumphantly.

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