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Thursday, September 26, 2013

The emergency novena

By Anabelle Hazard

File:Refugium peccatorum.jpg
Refuge of Sinners by Luigi Crosio (photo credit: Wikipedia)

Next to Mass, the most powerful prayer is the Rosary. For that reason and for the promises Our Lady made to St. Dominic, its been my all time favorite prayer. However, even I must admit that there are times when meditating on the Rosary isn’t the perfect fit.  For instance, when my 3 year old suffered a night of a relentless coughing fit. Nothing seemed to help: not the elevated pillow, humidifier with blessed salt, or cough syrup. We’d all had the virus the past week, so another sleepless night seemed inevitable and I just shuddered at the possibility of spending that night at the ER, waiting for a nurse to give her a steroid shot. 

As I next to her, brushing her hair off from her forehead, I replayed the conversation with my cousin earlier that day about the emergency/911/stat novena, so named because it’s a quick call to Heaven for help.  The express novena is composed of nine Memorares, which sounded perfect since at that point of desperation and exhaustion, even the Divine Mercy Chaplet seemed too long.

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  1. Beautiful...I, too, have an affection for the rosary. Yet, always open to a novena, esp if it's to Our Lady. Yes, sometimes in need of a quick n powerful prayer. Thanks for this one. God Bless

  2. I find the term "powerful" with regard to prayer, confusing. What do you mean by it's powerful or as you put it "most powerful" or next to the most powerful?

  3. Thank you Nanette.
    Ruth Anne, technically speaking I talked about the hierarchy of prayers that I often pray...mass being the best one since it is the Liturgy and rosary coming a close second since it is paraliturgy.


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