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Monday, October 21, 2013

Don't bother summoning the devil

By Dennis P. McGeehan

File:St Michael Raphael.jpg
St. Michael with the Dragon by Rafael (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

So the other day I was channel surfing trying to find something worthwhile to watch (I failed miserably) when I came upon a movie whose current scene caught my eye. I paused and watched for a few minutes.

It turns out the gist of the movie was that a rare book collector wanted to obtain an ancient text that held the secret to summoning Satan (A.K.A. the Devil, Beelzebub, Lucifer, The Father of Lies, The Prince of Darkness, etc.)

I changed the channel as I quickly lost interest. Then it occurred to me, what a worthless waste of energy and money that would be. There’s really no need to summon Satan. Scripture tells us he roves around like a hungry Lion. Satan and his minions are actively involved in battle against God and the people on Earth who are striving to do God’s will. Those people who are clueless about the true reality and existence of Satan and who are doing his work unwittingly he leaves alone or he even prospers their work.

Movies (or books) like the one I happened on distort the reality of the spiritual world. Incorporeal beings exist. They were created by God at the moment of Creation. They are powerful beyond comprehension. The Devil and his cohorts are locked in combat with God and the Angel’s who remained faithful. The story lines of such movies always follow the same plot, some person or group uses incantations, sacrifices, etc. to garner power over supernatural beings so they can profit from their control over them. You would be more successful in your efforts to control the weather.

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  1. Excellent spiritual advice. People don't realize how much influence these things have on our minds and souls. Imagine the children who listen to the music and say "but I don't pay attention to the words so it's OK." The words are having an influence on them and they don't even realize it. Wouldn't it be better to "not listen to" some spiritually edifying music? Again, this is an excellent, well presented post.


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