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Friday, October 25, 2013

The saint maker

By Mary N.

Painting by Willem Joseph Laquy - credit Wikimedia Commons

God is determined to make saints out of us. And believe me, He has an endless supply of saint making material and most of these materials are other people. If you ask God for a particular virtue you will get plenty of chances to practice said virtue.

For instance, did you ever notice that when you ask God to increase your patience, everyone, and I mean everyone, wakes up grouchy the following morning? Including the cat? You wonder who stole your family and replaced them with the sour-faced aliens glaring at you across the breakfast table. Let the games begin.

 I won't tell even you what happened after I prayed the Litany of Humility by Cardinal Merry Del Val but let me assure you that it wasn't pretty and involved a sick person, a clothespin, and a ton of scrubbing in the ladies room at church. And that was just the morning.

Did I mention that I only prayed the prayer once? I planned to pray it regularly, I really did, but I'm still recovering from the first time. I figure a year or two should do the trick.  I really DO want humility just not quite yet.

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  1. Beautiful, especially the part about the Litany of Humility....God does answer our prayers!

  2. sometimes that "hair shirt" is sitting next to you during mass ;p

  3. Hi mommynovenas,
    Thanks for commenting - I agree that the Litany of Humility is a beautiful prayer!

  4. Thanks, Colleen - I'm glad you liked it!


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