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Thursday, October 3, 2013

You were made for glory

By Patricia

File:Millais - Christus im Hause seiner Eltern.jpg
Christ in the House of His Parents by Millais (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons).

A few days ago, I asked Our Blessed Lady to be the mistress of my home, and that I might be her servant girl.  I am in dire need of her loving presence, guidance and wisdom in my vocation as wife, mother and homemaker…and every other aspect of my life as well.

So, I’ve been listening, eager to hear her advice.  Yesterday, I was busy about those boring, mundane chores which most of us have to do on a regular basis.

I get tired of dusting and vacuuming and cleaning out the refrigerator.  Whilst wielding my Swiffer duster, I daydream of doing other things…at least writing a blog post, or maybe even an e-book.  I wish I lived in a bigger city where there were more exciting things to do.  Nothing ever happens here.  I wish I could make a 30 day retreat, or even travel to all the places of pilgrimage in the world or be involved in Catholic radio.  I still have dozens of books left to read, and if I could work on being an Olympic figure skater… I wish…..hmmm.

Yesterday, I washed the kitchen curtains, and as I struggled to slip the rod past the seam, it got hung up, and I tried to be patient as I maneuvered the fabric.

Then I thought of Jesus, working with Joseph in the carpenter shop in Nazareth.  Jesus, laboring by the sweat of His brow, struggling to shape furniture out of wood… He Who twirls the planets and makes the stars twinkle, and fashions each snowflake into a tiny work of art.

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  1. After reading this earlier today, I thought about it as I did housework...... it really made a difference!!!

  2. Thanks, Nancy! I'm all for anything that makes a difference when doing housework! Hopefully, there is no dust in Heaven! :) God bless you, dear friend! Have a glorious day!

  3. Thank goodness He is! Wish I always remembered to look for Him there! Thanks so much for commenting, Colleen. God bless you!


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