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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Rejoice in suffering

By Robert Batch

Paul in Prison by Rembrandt (Wikimedia Commons).

When we hear the word “suffering” we typically think of pain and sorrow.  It is rare that we go as far and meditate on the sufferings of Christ.  Why is this?  Well I would like to propose that it is part of the nature of being human.  We are wired to focus and satisfy ourselves, in trying to fill that void with all of the wrong things.

The world today encourages us to not look to faith, but rather look up a number for a therapist or a counselor.  The world today tells us not to pray, but rather gossip.  It says in Romans 8:18 that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the Glory that is to be revealed to us.

In this 2nd Sunday of Advent, we eagerly await the coming of Christ, in hope, knowing the glory that we have waiting for us.  We eagerly await the source and summit of our salvation, who has experienced all of our sufferings on the Cross of Calvary, carrying the weight of our sins and guilt on His shoulders.  It is our job to keep our eyes focused on the Cross for that is where our salvation lies, and that is where we will get our joy.

As we continue through this advent season, let us remember, if we are suffering through something in our lives, that Christ continually shows us His mercy and love every step of the way.

Robert blogs at Love is Calling.

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