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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Are you listening to the white noise of life?

By Robert Batch

File:RCA 621TS Television Receiver (1946) with optional blonde cabinet, MoMI.jpg
RCA 621TS Television Receiver (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons).

I was down at my cousins' house for the evening to celebrate their grandma’s 90th birthday!  I have to say that whenever the cousins get together it is always an…interesting time to say the least.  I say that with a very, very positive attitude!

As I was driving back home it was quite the ride.  For one, the weather is absolutely dreadful outside!  It has been raining all day, so it made it quite difficult to see what was going on, on the roads.  Plus, with the rain, it was interfering with the radio signal.  There are a few good stations around where I live – but one of my favorite ones is Star 99.1 – a Christian Radio Station.  Anyway, as I was scanning through the frequencies, I kept hitting the famous static “white noise”.  So now we have static white noise, and bad weather, it’s really not going so well!

You are probably thinking to yourself – wow, Robert is really on a tangent today.  Patience!!!

When I finally made it home I realized, there is something to be learned from the “white noise”, besides being patient.  There is something to be learned when we have “white noise” in our lives, on the radio, or the television or our cell phones when we have bad reception.  Distractions, media, the news, music, relationships. See, we get frustrated when we hear the white noise on the radio because we want to hear more noise!  I feel as though this can relate to our lives as Catholics as well.

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