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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Finding the light at Epiphany

By Robert Batch

File:Abraham Bloemaert - The adoration of the Magi - Google Art Project.jpg
Adoration of the Magi by Bloemaert (photo: Wikimedia Commons)

On this day of the Epiphany we recognize the divinity, and the majesty of the Lord and Savior born unto us.  We all well know the story of the three kings-man, who come from the east to adore this new born king that  will forgive sins, and bring new life to all.  They followed a light of a shining star, through hundreds of miles of desert, not to mention – the conditions were not the best.

In the faith today, particularly in the Church there are two lights that we must seek out daily in our lives.  One would be the central light that is typically located above the Tabernacle.  This being a great reminder that Our Lord is truly present in the tabernacle.   It is a reminder that Christ is the way, and will guide us closer to our King who comes to us in the Eucharist, just like the wise man uses the star to guide them to the new born king.

Another light, that is often a tougher light to find, and in most parishes, there is a light above the confessional. The Lord desires mercy upon us.  He desires us to have life to the fullest.  (Jn 10:10)  The encounter one has in the confessional is one that is truly personal, and truly fulfilling.

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