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Monday, February 10, 2014

Got Jesus on weekdays?

By Anabelle Hazard

A friend just asked me why I regularly receive Eucharist beyond Sunday Mass. Do I go for the kids to get used to Church?

“I go for me,” I replied.“I need Jesus.  If I let two consecutive days pass without the Eucharist, my soul is not at peace.”

To clarify: It’s not like I get heavenly consolations or mystically levitate during the Mass.  If I’m not late and trying to creep in so as not to distract the pewsitters, I can’t even concentrate from beginning to end.  Lots of days, I’m taking a child out to the bathroom, fiddling with their askew veils or correcting them. (“It’s time to stand;”  “Don’t turn your back on Tabernacle”; “Put that plastic tomato back in your purse! Why did you bring a purse when I told you not to? What do you mean you need a snack? Its toy food! Stop licking it NOW!”) I certainly don’t feel holy by just being in Jesus’ presence at Church.

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