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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The man with the black fedora

 By Caroline

File:Chełmoński Cross in a blizzard.jpg
Cross in a Blizzard by Chelmonski
(Wikimedia Commons)

And Uncle Sal’s Donuts.

No, I haven’t lost it..not yet anyways. Actually, I was on my rosary walk when the enemy tempted me with my old foe…
Down that spiral I started, asking the Lord how He planned on dealing with a few issues for which I can’t seem to see any resolution.
I got distracted in prayer and then quiet before the Lord when that still small voice broke into my silent anxiety.
Do you remember the man with the black fedora and Uncle Sal’s donuts?
Of course I remember, Lord.

Slowly, I recounted the adventure from long ago. It was a high school ski weekend with the local recreation center–before the days of Doppler radar and cell phones. My best friend Kate and I were were seated at the back of the old school bus without a care in the world talking about boys, the nuns, oblivious to how long the trip upstate would take. We’d done this together before, but we’d never had an adventure like the one we were about to have that weekend.

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