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Monday, March 3, 2014

In the midst of the Storm

By Mallory Hoffman

Walking on Water by Aivazovsky (Wikimedia Commons)

Life is never without challenges.  It’s easy to be good and choose God when life is calm, and there are no storms to navigate.  Life is much easier if we are not being pelted by rain and dodging the fearful lightning strikes as we walk.  Our fears and anxieties  rage against us, unleashed by the storm.  Where is the peace God promised us?  How can we survive this onslaught of rage and violence?  What can we do?

We can pray.  Prayer is the primary and most effective weapon we have been given to battle any evil, any storm.   When we humble ourselves and pray, we surrender our will to God’s Will.  God’s Will is love.  God’s Will is peace.  God’s Will is that we become saints.  He doesn’t cause the storms, but He allows them to happen so that through the gift of free will, we can choose Him and grow closer to Him through our sufferings.  We can choose His Will.  We can allow God to use the storm to purify our souls.  We only need to keep our eyes on Him.  Through prayer, we open ourselves up to God and His graces pour down on us.

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