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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pressed into service

By Nancy Ward

Should anyone press you into service for one mile, go with him for two miles,” (Matthew 5:41).

Your son comes home from his first day of Early Childhood all excited, “Guess what, Mommy, we get to go on all the field trips together! Every week!”

“Why is that?”

“Because we have a station wagon!” Blam! There goes your writing time.

 “You’re the only one I can count on to do this for me.” Blam! Another unwelcome commitment busting your schedule.

Your husband calls you from work worried about Walter, a contract employee. He injured his back, not while on duty on the survey ship, but off duty in a jeep accident. He’s coming home from the hospital and he needs a place to heal until the insurance approves an apartment. His wife concurs that I can take better care of him than she can in England. BLAM!

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