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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The great task of teaching kids purity

By Robert Batch


I just returned from a speaking engagement in the diocese of Joliet Illinois this past weekend speaking to parents and 8th graders.  I was speaking to the 8th graders about the importance of Confirmation, and giving a workshop to the parents on how to keep their kids active in the faith life after being confirmed.

During the Confirmation retreat, one of the chaperones approached me and told me how much of a pressing issue purity and sex is with today’s youth and even young adults.  I asked, “Are you surprised?” and the answer was simply, “No, but what do we do about it?”

Unfortunately, I had to go and give my next talk, but my quick answer was: “We have a great task ahead of us.”

I was pondering that on the flight home, and realized the most important word of that answer would be “we.”  The devil is at work in all of us but the majority of today’s youth have been wired, and brought up in what I like to call a “sex driven generation.”

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