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Thursday, April 24, 2014

What is my mission?

 By Beryle Baterina

An Allegory of Man (Wikipedia)

God sends all of us to mission.  A mission to share my faith especially to those who do not know Christ. Although the thought of that really scares me.  I am afraid of what may happen.  But I must remember that God is always with me.  He gives me knowledge and confidence that I may fulfill His plan.  My prayer would be to have a strong heart to do the will of God.  I have felt what I needed to do.  And I also wanted it.  I am just afraid,  I have to be strong in my prayers to overcome the fear to move forward and to go where God wants me to be.

"Send me Lord and I will go to the place you have prepared
send me Lord and I will speak with the power of your word
send me Lord and I will seek your awesome love and majesty
Lord send me, Lord send me, I will go..." - taken from the song, Send Me

I am a sinful person, but Jesus died on the cross to save me, to save us.  Now, I have to fulfill my mission - to grow in my faith and share it with others.  I am not so sure if there is already a growth in my faith but I am already accepting that I did became better (even just a teeny, tiny bit) these past few months.   The truth is, I cannot really tell if there was change in me.  I can never be perfect and I am always a work in progress.  I have faith that I am making progress.

Beryl originally posted this at her blog Beryl Baterina.

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