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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Facing temptations while fasting

By Lora Goulet

File:Robert Kemm Gebet vor dem Stierkampf.jpg
Painting by Robert Kemm (Wikimedia Commons).

Prayer and fasting cause a holy peace to flourish deep within our souls. Therefore, during a fast, it is not unusual for the evil one to attack with external (usually interpersonal) disruptions, provoking an internal "crankiness". Our obligation to forgive others coincides with a necessary examination of our own conscience.

Our hearts must be willing to repent. How humbling it is to confront that for which we require forgiveness! This can be more painful than the struggle against cravings for things of this world. We may even be tempted to give up praying and fasting. The strength to persevere comes from total reliance on Jesus. We are then free to experience the peace that comes from forgiveness and acceptance of God's will.  

"And Jesus said
'Father forgive them 
for they know not what they do.'"
Luke 23:34 
Douay Rheims Roman Catholic Bible

Lora has written a short series on prayer and fasting for Lent at her blog mommynovenas.

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