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Monday, June 2, 2014

Mary and the gifts of the Holy Spirit

By Lora Goulet

Painting by Francesco Albani, Wikimedia Commons.

Mary lived the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

1)Wisdom - The Blessed Virgin Mary said yes to carrying Jesus in her womb. The highest of these supernatural gifts, this gift enables us to love and desire our Creator above all things.

2)Understanding - Mary waited patiently for Jesus' water to wine miracle and taught others to obey Him. This gift is the supernatural ability to grasp teachings of our faith.

3)Counsel- Escaping to Egypt, a land hostile to their beliefs, the Holy Family lived according to the precepts their God given faith. This gift supernaturally helps us to follow the Holy Spirit's guidance in all of our actions.

4)Fortitude- The Most Holy Mother of our Savior valiantly followed Jesus in Via Crucis.nbsp;This gift is the supernatural courage to uphold our faith even unto death.

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