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Friday, May 10, 2013

A mother's prayers

by Terry 

I stood by helplessly and watched as a text message received by one of my older children instantly transformed a situation that showed much promise into a state of uncertainty.  My child was visibly disappointed and frustrated.  All I could do was give a reassuring hug and offer some words of consolation.

Throughout my work day, I prayed for my child, my heart heavy at seeing my child’s sadness.
Before they are born, we pray for our children.  Our prayers are full of hope and promise as well as petitions to safeguard the nine months of gestation.  As our newborn is placed in our arms for the first time, we praise with rejoicing and thankfulness.  We implore God to give us the strength, courage and wisdom needed to mother our babies and we ask Jesus and His Blessed Mother to make up for what is lacking in our imperfect motherhood.

As the children grow into toddlers, school children, teens and young adults, our prayers reflect the different stages. We intensify them as we see the spark of independence that will one day carry our offspring to lives of their own.  I think the most urgent of a mother’s prayers are when our children start to venture forth,  away from our protective gaze and helping hand.  Our worries and our need to let go bring us to our knees begging God and all the angels and saints to love and protect them in a way that we can’t.

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  1. This is such a beautiful post. It really has touched my heart. I understand how it feels to see our children suffer as they walk the challenging and often heartwrenching path to Jesus. God bless you and your family!


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