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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Crepusculous Moments

by Ruth Ann

File:Antifonario (Salve Regina).jpg
Manuscript of Salve Regina (Photo Credit: Fedkuki, Wikimedia).

 I have discovered a particularly unique time of the day, a space when time itself seems to stand still. Sun has just set, yet there is still the soft glow of scattered light from the refraction of the sun's rays. One hears the sound of utter silence. There are no bird twitters. They have roosted. No animals are walking about; nor are they making sounds. Nocturnal wildlife has not yet stirred. Within this hush peace emerges. I know God's presence. I pray, giving praise and thanks.

The twilight time ends with the first cricket's chirp, soon followed by others. Twilight gives way to nightfall. I feel like singing Salve Regina.

Originally posted by Ruth Ann on her blog  From the Pulpit of My Life. Please visit Ruth Ann for more reflections from a Third Order Carmelite.


  1. Very beautiful. I felt myself there sharing the moment with you! I love those times that God graces us with.

    Have a blessed day.

  2. Absolutely wonderful. You took us right there with you, and the Salve Regina capped it off for me... evening ends, and night begins...

  3. This post is so beautiful and filled with peace!


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