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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Suffering--get it while you can

By Patricia

File:Scipione Pulzone.jpg
The Lamentation  by Pulzone (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons).

An acquaintance of mine died last week.

I said a prayer for her when I heard the news, and then I whispered, “Pat, rest in peace. You have finished your work, completed your journey.”

I think about that journey a lot. My friend didn’t make it to the three score and ten mentioned in the Bible. We just never know.

There is something uniquely precious about living in our imperfect world. It is only an instant in even the longest of lives. What are a 100 years compared to eternity?  Yet, we have only this breath, this heartbeat of time in which to determine our eternal destination, and to labor for God’s Glory.

I, who do not relish suffering, still value it and this amazing moment in my existence when it actually costs me to offer something precious to God.

It is quite thrilling to be among the Church Militant, marching through the battlefield of life, buffeted by the blows of pain, loneliness, rejection, grief and a thousand other sufferings which we encounter on our journey.

I think how tenderly Jesus watches over us as we bear our wounds for love of Him.  His eyes never leave us and His Heart almost breaks with compassion.  Yet, when we are brave, and offer up as best we can these trials, surely He is so pleased, so very proud of us. 

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  1. This is wonderful! "On our last day, if we had never been able to suffer anything in life, would we really be able to endure Infinite Love pouring into us from His pierced Heart, and the embrace of His crucified hands?" Definitely something to think about.......

  2. Hi Nancy, thank you for commenting. You know that saying about the angels envying us (if they could) for only two things: Holy Communion, and for our capacity to suffer? I think that just might be true! God bless you, and have a beautiful day!

  3. Wow Patricia! This is so amazing an explanation and insight on suffering. You express this mystery so beautifully. I love "I, who do not relish suffering, still value it and this amazing moment in my existence when it actually costs me to offer something precious to God." That my suffering is something precious really astounds me again and again. I have grappled with the writings of saints and how they embraced their suffering, even with joy. I also love the ending as Nancy has stated above. This writing of yours has opened my heart so much to the, as CS Lewis said "the problem of pain." I have struggled with this in my long conversion and am so thankful, as you so beautifully expressed, for the value our faith places on suffering; for the redemptive value, for the helping of other souls, and for drawing closer to our Lord. Now I will add , as something precious offered to God. Thank you again for your wonderful and enlightening writing shared so generously. God Bless...

  4. Hi Cynthia..thank you so much for your lovely comment. St. Therese once said that, "Jesus loves us too much to do anything without us." He even wants to share with us a precious little splinter of His Cross, and allow us to somehow participate in the mystery of salvation. Wouldn't pain be unbearable, if God didn't have a glorious purpose for it! It seems the Saints suffered with joy, because they knew they were being transformed more deeply into Christ. I still cry everytime I read the account of St. Therese's death. She cried out in agony, but yet (sweet mystery) maintained joy and peace in the midst of suffocating to death. She said, "I can only explain this by my intense desire to save souls...." Ahhhh, the Saints! God bless you too, my friend.


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