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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Advent Promises

By Melanie Jean Juneau

File:Albertinelli Visitation.jpg
The Visitation by Albertinelli (photo credit:
Wikimedia Commons).

He will come.

I can trust that He will come.

For He comes even on a  frosty whisper,

Lighting the darkness with pinpoints of hope

Just as the stars appear each dark night.

He will come,

In spite of myself;

His arrival does not depend on my preparations.

Only that I wait expectantly in the dark.

In the silence

If I open my inner stable door.

He will come like a tiny child

Silently slipping into the open spaces in my heart.


I smile

Eyes Twinkling,


My heart burns with newborn life.

He always Comes.

images are personal photos

Melanie blogs at Joy of Nine9.


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