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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Finding your prayer voice

By Mallory Hoffman

File:Immacolata Taranto.jpg
The Immaculate  of Taranto (Wikimedia Commons)

When we pray, we are in direct communication with our Living God. What an amazing gift to us, His Beloved Children!   *(CCC 2559-2561) Whether in words, thought, or song, God hears our prayer. He listens as we chant or rest in the silence of His Heart.  Each  of us, as a child of God, has a  prayer voice that is as unique as a finger print.

The patriarchs of the Old Testament prayed to God in the open air, in nature.  They passed on the stories  of their fathers’ experiences with God, and they danced and sang the praises of God around the campfires.  God heard their prayers as they tended their sheep and raised their children. Sometimes,  God would send heavenly messengers to  visit these men and women of old, and their lives would be changed forever.   When these women and men spoke to God in prayer, they spoke from the heart, which is where prayer is born.  *(CCC 2562-2564).

Today, we are bombarded with stimuli. We are a society of distractions, multiple activities and short thought processes.  Aren’t you, like me, often challenged in finding time to pray? When we find the time, how do we pray? I ask myself that question often. Do I attend Mass, the greatest prayer of all? Do I pray a Rosary?  (Always a good option in my eyes.)  Do I sit in silence with God?  Do I pull out an old prayer book and recite those prayers?  Am I close to a church where I can sit in adoration of our Risen Lord? How do we find and use our prayer voice? 

God blesses us with so many ways to communicate with Him.  As always, my recommendation is to begin your search for your prayer voice with a simple prayer.

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