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Friday, January 17, 2014

Honoring God's gift of creation

By Lara

File:Albert Biertadt - Sunset on the Plains.jpg
Sunset on the Plains by Bierstadt (Wikimedia Commons)

My family spent last Saturday morning on the river bank, picking up the kind of Gluppity-Glupp and Schloppity-Schlop that Dr. Seuss wrote about in his children’s book, The Lorax, which chronicles the plight of the environment.

We woke early that morning without the fanfare of green eggs and ham to participate in this city wide endeavor to involve residents in cleaning and preserving one of our natural and most precious resources – our waterways.

While no one wants to pick up someone else’s trash, no matter what fun Seussical name you call it, the day couldn’t have been more glorious. The sun fanned its rays warming the cool chill in the air, the flowers boasted spectrums of color that can’t be found in a jumbo-size box of Crayolas and the grayish-blue river pulsed peacefully and rhythmically as if the gentle breeze was singing it a lullaby.

I chose to volunteer at a section along the river walk where I routinely exercise with several dear friends. 

For years, we have walked over two large bridges that link different sides of our downtown and along the expanse of this part of the river walk.

We lose the weight of our worries on these walks as we talk about everything from dying parents to our own parental concerns for our children.  It’s not all morose; we are friends and as such delight in everything about one another from the trivial to the triumphant.

And, we do this amid the stunning backdrop of our downtown buildings that stretch to the skies, and the arches of our bridges, which stand in homage to the vast waterway that flow beneath them.

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