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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ordinary Time... not so ordinary

By Robert Batch

File:Baptism of Jesus - geograph.org.uk - 977356.jpg
Baptism of Jesus Stained glass by Willement
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Well, I have returned back to Steubenville, Ohio, and I must admit knowing that it is my last semester, makes everything seem very special in a way.  Even the ordinary things that one may not take as very “special”  I guess when you come to the last few months of being in a place that you have spent so much time in, and you see the end in sight you treasure those moments, hours, and days.

Today being the Baptism of The Lord, we not only celebrate the Lord’s Baptism, but as Catholics we also know that this will conclude the Christmas Season.  As we enter into the Ordinary Season, we must remember it is not a time where we become “lazy” in our faith, or complacent.  Rather it is through the ordinary days, and ordinary moments in our faith journey that we trust in the Lord more, and grow deeper in our faith.

A challenge that comes with being human, is dwelling on our faults and failures, especially when we don’t have festivities of Christmas season to distract us.  Let us remember on this this day of the Baptism of the Lord, Jesus walked into the waters not knowing sin, but bearing the weight of our sin.  He walked in the water not knowing death, but overcoming our spiritual death.  The Baptism of the Lord is a time to Rejoice in the Lord’s Mercy, love, and Truth.  As a body of Christ let us remember we create the Universal Church, who welcomes all sinners (even ourselves) to love, mercy, and truth.  

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