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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Letting go of splinters

By Nancy Shuman

File:Albrecht Dürer - Bildnis eines unbekannten Mannes.jpg
Portrait of a Man by Durer (photo credit:
Wikimedia Commons).

It was one of my grown children who helped me see the error of my ways.  Launching into a story about someone I'll call 'Millie'... relating a tale I'd been told by a friend who'd heard from a co-worker who knew for sure because someone had said ... I was stopped mid-sentence.  "Mom," said my son (kindly), "before you say any more, just know that whatever you tell me will make a difference in what I think about 'Millie' from now on."


Feeling chagrined, I fell silent.  I was stung by the truth of these words.  I could pass along my little bit of gossip, feeling only slightly guilty about doing so, and I would most likely forget it (as it is, I don't remember it now).  But every time my son saw or spoke with 'Millie,' he would carry with him an impression left in the wake of my careless action.  Even though I cannot, today, recall what I was starting to say, I know it was not something positive. 

Oh, I might have tried to be 'nice.'  I probably intended to mention that Millie had a few good qualities, bless her heart.  But was there a good reason to casually mention her actions to my son?  No.  I had no reason to share whatever-it-was.

This happened several years ago, and will I sound dramatic when I say it was life changing?  Probably.  But it was.

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  1. Nancy, this is one of those posts that hits you "bang" right in the heart. Immediately, the consequences of our actions roll out before us. A God moment for sure!

    1. Thank you, Mary! My son's words truly opened my eyes and I have never looked at "gossip" in the same way since. Thanks be to God!


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