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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Beware of detraction

By Lora Goulet

File:Ralph Hedley (follower) An argument from opposite premises.jpg
An Argument from Opposite Premises by Hedley
(Wikimedia Commons).

Misinformation deepens the piercing injuries caused when senseless insults are launched. 

"Cafeteria Catholic~Angry Traditionalist~Modernist~Schismatic!" 
How spiritually damaging it is to speak ill of our fellow Catholics, especially when objecting to the many wonderful, colorful, diverse cultural expressions of our immense love for Jesus. Draining us of all peace, healing, loveliness, and dignity, namecalling's choking claws overshadow the miraculous, infinite tranquility, beauty, holiness and love which Jesus suffered and died to plant within our souls.

"Detract not one another my brethren."  James 4:11 (Douay Rheims Roman Catholic Bible).

Lora blogs at mommynovenas.

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